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Specialty Publications



For about five years I was the lead creative/art director on a number of specialty publications for AMI in Boca Raton, magazines driven by specific newsworthy events, people or trends. Some of the most noteworthy of these include a publication devoted to post 9/11 coverage; a Dale Earnhard tribute; a Johnny Carson retrospective and many, many others. These magazines were usually delivered in response to a specific news event and were conceptualized, designed and produced in a matter of days--even hours--to maximize their impact on the newsstand. Apart from that I also designed all the covers for their book division and the MiniMags.

The last project I developed with AMI was the creation, design and art direction of SLY Magazine for Silvester Stallone.

American Media, Inc. (AMI) owns and operates the leading celebrity and health & fitness media brands in the USA. Their magazines have a combined total circulation of 7.2+ million and reach more than 60 million men and women each month. The digital properties reach a total of 24+ million unique visitors and 183+ million page views monthly.

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