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My position as Catalog/Web Designer/Art Director at Levenger entitled working closely with catalog team members in the planning, design, and production of Levenger's luxury brand direct mail printed catalog.

Since I joined Levenger in 2010 the company became a more 'Web centric" organization, focusing all its efforts on growing its online presence in the Catalog Retailer highly competitive Marketplace.


In 2013 I was promoted to Art Director for both Catalog and Web divisions and was asked to review Levenger's online store and was also invited to become part of the small team of designers with the tough challenge of re-designing and cleaning up the entire website. This was an ongoing process and required a lot of image retouching and color correction to make Levenger's great products look even better online.


Apart from my day to day duties, I have also worked very closely with Steve Leveen, on the Loop The Lake for Literacy annual cycling event, and some other fun projects like; logo design and branding of several product categories and Levenger Press projects.

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